Paid for a panel with Joss Whedon, got this gang and a Skyping Joss instead. Front row was so close, I could literally reach out and touch every panelist. Got a high five from Alan Tudyk.

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Nathan Fillion - Nerd HQ 2014 | July 27

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Nathan Fillion pointing out his brother Jeff during his Nerd HQ panel | Requested by Anonymous (x)

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A conversation with Nathan Fillion.

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A conversation with Nathan Fillion - Nerd HQ 2014 | July 26 (x)

Q: If you were in Hogwarts, what house would you be in?

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Nathan Fillion - Comic-Con International: San Diego - TNT and CraveOnline celebrate ‘The Last Ship’ aboard the USS Midway, featuring performances by Grimes and MGMT - San Diego, California, United States - Saturday 26th July 2014 (x)

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Nathan Fillion - 2014 Comic-Con International: San Diego - Celebrity Sightings - San Diego, California, United States - Friday 25th July 2014 (x)

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